ThreadBred started in 2014 as a blog that mainly focused on fashion and personal branding for young professionals. Today, it has evolved into a resource hub that provides advice and information curated for and by millennials on what they need to navigate their way through the work world. It also encourages them to create meaningful impact for others through advocacy and giving back. 

At ThreadBred, we believe that your brand is not just about looking good or the clothes you wear on your back. (Although when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you play good ;) ) Your brand, meaning who you are and what you stand for, starts with an investment in your mind, growth and potential. It translates itself into the work that you do and the impact you care to have on others.

However, simply developing a personal brand in life is not enough. As millennials, especially in today's rapidly changing environments, we must be aware of the world around us and where we stand in relation to it. We must have an impulse to speak up and speak out; to stand up and stand out. Only when we disrupt the status-quo and make space for others where space previously did not exist, do we really become useful to our generation and the future. 

The meaning behind the name

The idea for the name 'ThreadBred' was originally inspired by thinking of clothing as a conversation starter or an expression of one's own thread of thought or mood. When threads are woven together, not only do they create patterns or designs, but they also breed style, personality and character into the fabric. Likewise, an individual's thoughts, opinions, and passions are threads that when woven together not only breed their identity, but also their visions for how they will impact and change the world around them. Through this name, we are encouraging our readers to embrace every single thread about them--even if they seem disparate and disconnected. Every single part that makes you you should be equally celebrated.